vLog 201821

I'm pumped and nervous at the same time because this is my inaugural vlog! But, I'm happy you're here with me! There are so many things I want to chat about when it comes to #ThatFilmLife, so we'll have lots to discuss.

For those that can't watch the video, I think a great place to start our conversation is talking about just using what you have. No matter what our budget, big money Hollywood budget or small, no money passion project, we will never have enough money to have EVERYTHING that we need for a shoot. But you know what? It's our job to figure it out and make it happen anyway. And that's what I love about filmmaking and facing these obstacles. It's an opportunity to get creative and find your way past it.

Take my film, "Overcome". If you haven't seen it, here's the link. Pay attention to the audio and tell me if you can guess what we used to capture it. I bet you'll never guess that it was an iPhone recording. Sounds good, right? That's because we still had to use the basic fundamentals of getting good sound (like making sure our environment was quiet, turning off the AC and the fans, putting the mic as close to her mouth and solar plexus as possible). This is a perfect example of using what you have. I didn't have any of my "good" mics with me. And I didn't want to go rent a mic for only a few hours. I could have said, "oh well, guess I can't record this..." But instead, I said, "how can I make this happen with what I have?" And sure enough, it came through in a solid way.

So as filmmakers, no matter what, we have to find our way around the numerous obstacles that come our way. I discuss a few more items in the video, so I won't get into them here in the text (because I REALLY want you to watch the videos haha).

But leave me a comment below, or on YouTube if you prefer, just letting me know what kind of obstacles you've faced where you just had to use what you had, but you figured out a way around it. I love those stories because that's us being creative. And isn't that why we do this in the first place?

Ty Hunt