So, the other day, I met up with Rickey to film a short scene for his acting reel. I really love working with #actors and helping them get to a place that is real for both them and the character. With him, we decided internalize his anger. He was talking to his dad after his father had done something horribly wrong. He wanted to unleash his anger, but we added the layer for him to contain it due to his respect for his father. Just those few layers added the tension we needed in the scene. And the decision to keep him stationary in the chair increased his tension because he wanted to pace and let everything go. So, when you watch the scene, see how that makes him get more agitated.

So, this is a good example of how the story and directing informs the cinematography. The whole idea behind this set up was that he was in a dark place emotionally. So, we insinuated that visually. He was always looking into the light though because he had an idea of which way to go. But, he also felt trapped emotionally. So we put him in a box, and told him he couldn’t get out. All of that plays together to create the feeling we get out of this scene.

Now, I bet you can’t guess what I used to light this! I’m not going to say, but if you guess it, I’ll tell you if you’re right. How’s that for a fair deal? 😎

DirectingTy Hunt