So, the other day, I had a meeting in NYC with an Executive Producer at a commercial production company. It was a great meeting, with lots of potential to turn into something good for me. I just need to make some changes on my end (Check out the #FullCircle blog post). But, the more interesting part of this story is what happened before I even set foot in his building. 

Rewind to a Friday before this Monday when I met him. I was in Atlanta, filming another project. Unknown to me, at the time, was that I was going to have to make a last minute trip up to NYC to meet this EP (now mind you, I had been trying to get a hold of this company since June of last year, so when he said he wanted to meet me in person, I jumped at the opportunity and decided I’d figure out how to get there later). I look up last minute flights, and find one that meets what I need, schedule wise. That’s great. Except there is one problem. Because of the cost of the ticket, I certainly wasn’t going to spend money on checking a bag (and this particular airline charged way too much anyway). So, I packed what I could into my carry on (which was free), thinking ahead to my meeting on Monday, but also trying to be comfortable as well. Needless to say, I didn’t bring many clothes.   

Sunday. I just finished filming a project for an awesome designer (check out Elvatanza’s work). Now to prep for the meeting. I debated what I was going to wear.  

Should I go in there like a traditional interview, suit and tie, business-like? Or do I want to “look like a director” and be more casual (but still put together)? I’ve heard both sides of this story: Some people have said wearing ties, business-like clothing makes you look like a Producer, rather than a creative person (like a director in my case), so they won’t take you seriously. Others have said, “No, you need to dress it up so that they can get a sense that you care about your personal appearance and that they can put you in front of their clients and be comfortable doing so. They can trust you to represent their company/brand. It’s better to be over dressed than under...”

I struggled with this a lot because my goal is to be seen as a Director. 

But then, I had an ingenious idea. What are they wearing in their profile pics on their website? Mimic that, and you’ll be fine.  

So, that’s what I did and how I arrived at the look that you see in my thumbnail pic. it’s a blend of casual and business. I dressed it up with the tie, but kept it cool with the leather jacket. The pants are almost jean like, but they’re clean and fitting, like most dress pants. For the shoes, those were comfortable but clean as well. Nothing over the top, but nothing bland either. I think it’s a good mix of the two ideas. I still look like a creative, but I also look like I’m there to do business. It’s not just creating art. But also making money from it, right?! Oh, and a bit of subtlety mixed in, I am wearing Light Hawk colors (silver and blue, with hints of red and yellow). A little bit of subliminal marketing never hurt anyone lol 😉

Ty Hunt