I think it’s ironic how when I look back at where I was when I first graduated and where I am now, there are a lot of differences and growth. But, at the same time, there are sooooo many parallels. 

Heres what I mean: 

When I first graduated, I was doing a bunch of videos and photos for small businesses, actors, musicians, etc., starting to make a name for myself as a man who has great with directing talent, the technical and creative aspects of filming the project, and then delivering it. For a variety of reasons (ask me in the comments if you want those details), I started doing fewer and fewer of those projects. My goal while in school was to work on the big productions, so I started to focus on that. And I did. 

On those sets, I learned a lot about myself as a leader (yes, you can be a leader even when you’re at the bottom of the food chain), and people took notice. There were definitely days where I struggled and didn’t really know how I’d keep up with the awesomeness of the other peeps on set, but somehow, I stayed busy enough and people seemed to like and trust me on set. 

Then, I stopped growing. I learned that to reach my next goal, I have to switch up what I’m doing because I was starting to get stagnant. I, as well as the people I worked with, knew that I can do more than I was doing.

So, I started to focus my attention back to doing my own thing, directing, filming, editing content for myself and those “smaller” clients I mentioned previously (that’s really the only way to become a director...something else I learned while working these bigger productions). But now, I have so much more experience and perspective than I did when I first got out of school. Plus, I have a network. A solid network. Anything I need, I know where and how to get. I didn’t have that before. I know what producers and companies expect of their directors now, from watching, interacting, and making an impression on them while in the assisting/support roles I’ve done. It all works together.

So, the point of this story is that everything I’ve done has led me here. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve wasted my time or that I’m never going to reach the ultimate goal and should just quit. But in those moments, I look back and see just how far I’ve come and the sheer amount of work I’ve put in. I can’t quit. It’s another cycle that’ll push me to my next level.

I can’t wait.  


Ty Hunt