Working out, staying in shape, etc. is so important to me. And yet, I haven’t been doing it. Now, I’m feeling even worse, looking like 3 day old cereal, and just generally feeling lethargic. Remember how I said that freelancing was starting to affect me both mentally and physically? Well, for a myriad of reasons (like living so far away from most of gigs or working 16 hour days), by the time I got home, I just had no energy, strength, or motivation to actually workout. Usually, by the time I get home, I have enough in me to shower, eat, and crash for a few hours before getting back up and doing it all over the next day. It was exhausting. And frustrating. 

So, how do I fix it? First, I make sure that I workout first and get that done and over with. It forces me to put myself first again, but also it helps my mind. My mind beats me up when I haven’t worked out and the later it gets, the more difficult it gets for me to workout. So, I knock it out with the quickness first thing in the am, and now the rest of my day can be devoted to work. Of course that means I’ll need to wake up early to get that done (because there is also the eating portion of working out that’s a challenge and a half on its own), but making that early in my day, I feel better about it. Plus, I have Siri remind me everyday; that gets pretty annoying, but it’s helpful (cuz I don’t like those red badges staying up on my devices lol).

Now, I just have to get this fluffiness off of me lol 💪😬👍 


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