So, full disclosure: I am not a colorist by any stretch of the imagination. I want to go to one of those REDucation classes and take some other courses in color grading in general just to get the most out of my Scarlet-W. But, I learned a thing or two over the course of having to do every production role myself.  

Ok, this is not a scientific test by any means. But, it worked for me. 

See, I love Premiere Pro (currently on CC 2018). Nothing would make me happier than to do everything all in that app. But, it doesn’t do color that well. For some reason, it seems to lessen the quality of the Red footage a bit. Like it’s not as sharp or not as colorful as it is in camera. But when I take it to Redcine-X Pro, it looks phenomenal. Part of it is the new IPP2 Pipeline from Red. But, also, Premiere doesn’t handle color information very well apparently. Everyone on the Red forum said I should just use DaVinci Resolve and admittedly, that’s what I’ve seen most on set for these huge productions that I’ve worked on. But, I personally don’t like it, so I’m looking for alternatives to it (leave me a comment if you have a suggestion). And, it doesn’t fully support the new IPP2 pipeline either, so back to RCXP I go.

The controls aren’t my favorite, and it’s a bit cumbersome and slow, but I gotta tell you, the result is great. My footage is looking better and sharper like I ACTUALLY shot it. Now, if any of my DIT/Colorist buds can explain why, that’d be great!

In any event, I’ll stick with that workflow for now until I learn Resolve better (and their developers get cracking on the full IPP2 pipeline integration). In a perfect world though, if I could export the color info (LUT) into Premiere (and have it match. Technically, I can do it, but so far nothing matches in Premiere...). That way, I don’t have to render until the final export. One day I suppose.


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